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Download Modrinth

Download and Install the Modrinth App. Open Modrinth and Log in to your Minecraft account.

Download Modpack

Now You can download the Modpack, above you can find 2 options.
our Light or Standard Modpack.

Start Modpack

Once you have the Modpack added in Modrinth, Go ahead and press play. Now try to connect to the server.
IP -

Link your Discord

To Link your Discord with Minecraft join the Discord, go to the #cool-people-chat and
type in -mc Username
it should respond with a "successfully linked" message.

Verify your Discord

Now try to reconnect to the Minecraft Server, It will show a 6 digit code that you need to DM the Minecraft Bot.
Make sure that the bot can DM you.

This server is only accessible for Patreon & Twitch Subs and Above!
For any support please create a ticket on our Discord here